Museum Studies minor

Museum Studies minor



The museum studies minor presents students with various aspects of museum management and curation. The curriculum covers a range of museums, from art collections and historic houses to open-air forts, aquariums and zoos. Classroom lectures allow students to gain insight into real-world practices, while visits to museums highlight education, the roles of governing or advisory boards, administration, conservation and other areas of specialization in the field.

  • ARTH 100 Survey of Western Art I
  • ARTH 110 Survey of Western Art II
  • MUSM 201 Introduction to Museum Principles and Methods
  • MUSM 301 Museum Administration
  • MUSM 302 Museum Curation and Collection Management
  • MUSM 303 Museum Education
  • MUSM 304 Museum Conservation
  • MUSM 479 Museum Internship

Total course of study: 40 hours