Exhibition Design minor

Exhibition Design minor



The exhibition design minor focuses on the role of the exhibition designer to impart information, create atmospheres for effective merchandising, elevate consumer awareness, and create and express specific product identity. Coursework challenges students to integrate graphic design within exacting spatial configurations and other considerations to produce effective exhibitions.

  • EXHI 200 Exhibition Design Fundamentals
  • EXHI 210 Small-scale Exhibition Design
  • EXHI 220 Large-scale Exhibition Design
  • EXHI 311 Design for Permanent Installation
  • EXHI 321 Design for Educational Exhibition*
  • EXHI 331 Point-of-purchase Merchandising*
  • — Directed elective†
  • — Directed elective‡
  • — Directed elective‡

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of these two courses.
† Choose one of the following: ADVE 304 Art Direction I, DRAW 115 Graphics for the Building Arts, FILM 100 Introduction to Film and Video Production, FILM 101 Introduction to Video Production, FURN 232 Visual Communication for Furniture Design, GRDS 205 Typography I, IDUS 213 Industrial Design Idea Visualization, MOME 130 Motion Media Design Techniques I, MUSM 201 Introduction to Museum Principles and Methods, PNTG 302 Intermediate Painting, or SNDS 201 Introduction to Sound Design.
‡ Choose one of the following: ADVE 334 Art Direction II, ARCH 241 Construction Technology I, EXHI 331 Point-of-purchase Merchandising, FILM 105 Preproduction, IDUS 221 Human Factors in Industrial Design, INDS 204 Rendering for the Interior, ITGM 260 Interactive Design, MOME 206 Motion Media Design Techniques II, MUSM 303 Museum Education, PNTG 333 Mural Painting, PROD 220 Lighting Design I, PROD 221 Scenic Design I or SNDS 402 Recording Studio I.