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Creative writing student putting pen to paper

Creative writing minor

Available at:  
- Atlanta
- Savannah

Students explore fiction, poetry and other forms of creative expression. Intimate writing workshops enable students to refine their work for submission to publications within and beyond the university.

  • Select two of these four courses:

  • CREA 157 Poetry Writing I: Elements of Poetry
  • CREA 162 Fiction Writing I: Elements of Fiction
  • WRIT 177 Nonfiction Writing I: Exploration of the Genre
  • CREA 178 The Short Story
  • Select one of these three courses:

  • CREA 257 Poetry Writing II: Imagination and Metaphor
  • CREA 262 Fiction Writing II: Conflict and Character in the Novel
  • WRIT 277 Nonfiction Writing II: Elements of Creative Nonfiction
  • Select one of these three courses:

  • CREA 357 Poetry Writing III: Voice and Vision
  • CREA 362 Fiction Writing III: Voice and Revision
  • WRIT 377 Nonfiction Writing III: Advanced Style and Form
  • 200- to 400-level CREA, DWRI, ENGL or WRIT elective

Total course of study: 25 hours