Concept Art for Games minor

Concept Art for Games minor



Students in this minor conceptualize game characters and environments, illustrate these concepts, and create 3-D computer models suitable for a real-time environment.

  • ITGM 120 Introduction to Interactive Design and Game Development*
  • ITGM 121 Introduction to Game Development*
  • ITGM 240 Modeling, Materials and Lighting
  • ITGM 333 Sculptural Texturing for Games
  • SEQA 202 Drawing for Sequential Art
  • SEQA 311 Conceptual Illustration
  • SEQA 411 Advanced Conceptual Illustration
  • — ITGM or SEQA elective
  • — ITGM or SEQA elective

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of these two courses.