Art history students learning about British American paintings

British-American studies minor

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- Savannah

The British-American studies minor provides an opportunity to examine historical and political connections as well as cultural and artistic influences exhibited in the works of British and American artists, architects, writers and designers. Coursework highlights outstanding achievements in the history of art and literature, and students benefit from access to the collections and resources of the SCAD Museum of Art.

  • — Directed ARLH elective*
  • — Directed ARLH elective*
  • — Directed ARTH elective†
  • — Directed ARTH elective†
  • — Directed ENGL elective‡

Total course of study: 25 hours

* Choose one of the following: ARLH 301 Built Environment of the Americas, Pre-Colonial–1865; ARLH 375 Architecture and Urban History of Savannah; or ARLH 461 American Cultural Landscape.
† Choose one of the following: ARTH 226 American Art, ARTH 348 British Portraiture, ARTH 367 18th-century English Art and Design, or ARTH 458 Caricature and Satire in 18th-century British Culture.
‡ Choose one of the following: ENGL 137 Shakespeare, ENGL 139 The Romantic Revolution, ENGL 167 American Realists and Naturalists: 1850-1900, or ENGL 170 Satire in Great Literature.