Arts and Entertainment Management minor

Arts and Entertainment Management minor



The course of study for the arts and entertainment management minor is designed to teach skills that are applicable to a wide range of careers in both the nonprofit and for-profit arts and entertainment industries. Students develop knowledge of business practices, marketing, fundraising and legal issues pertinent to artists and arts professionals.

  • AADM 201 Working in the Arts and Entertainment Industries
  • AADM 225 Legal Issues in Arts and Entertainment
  • AADM 310 Connecting Art and Audiences
  • ARTH 110 Survey of Western Art II
  • WRIT 255 Business and Professional Writing
  • — AADM, ARLH, ARTH, BUSI, CINE, MUSM or WRIT elective
  • — AADM elective
  • — Directed elective*

Total course of study: 40 hours

* Choose one of the following: ANIM 223 History of Animation, CMPA 100 Survey of Computer Art Applications, CMPA 110 Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications, DANC 205 Dance History, FASH 247 History of Fashion, FIBR 221 History of Textiles, FILM 224 Survey of Film, FURN 307 History of Furniture Design, GRDS 229 History of Graphic Design, ILLU 229 Survey of Illustration, INDS 211 History of Interior Design, ITGM 241 -Survey of Interactive Entertainment, MPRA 201 Survey of Theater and Drama I, MTJW 306 Adornment, Identity and the Power of Jewelry, MUSC 101 Music Appreciation, MUSM 201 Introduction to Museum Principles and Methods, PHOT 238 History of Photography I, PHOT 240 History of Photography II, or SEQA 205 Survey of Sequential Art.