Tracy Cox-Stanton

Tracy Cox-Stanton

Tracy Cox-Stanton

  • B.A., English, University of West Florida
  • M.A., English, film studies, University of Florida
  • Ph.D., English, film studies, University of Florida
First year at SCAD:

"I enjoy introducing students to the pleasures of cinema. They usually come to class well aware of the pleasures of watching familiar cinema, but I introduce them to the pleasures of stretching our mental and perceptual habits to accommodate unfamiliar cinematic modes-great films from world cinema or from avant-garde traditions that can lead us to unpredictable places. Likewise, I introduce them to the pleasures of thinking about cinema in new ways, opening up new avenues of inquiry and introducing students to a world they often didn't know existed-a wondrous, challenging, enlightening world where images and sounds combine to create meanings that have the power to change us as artists and humans. I am honored to share this experience with future filmmakers and scholars who discover that analyzing the mechanical and thematic components of films and studying their historical context adds a whole new layer of enjoyment and forever changes their relationship to not only cinema but to artistic creation in general."


Publications in camera obscura, Spectator and Critical Essays on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley; regular conference participation; founder and editor, The Cine-Files: A scholarly journal of cinema studies.

Awards, recognition and honors

Two-time recipient of "Excellence in Teaching Award," University of Florida; SCAD Presidential Fellowship Award, summer 2007


Society for Cinema and Media Studies

Publications and presentations


  • "Consuming Distractions in Prix de Beauté [1930]," camera obscura 50, vol. 17, no. 2, 2002, 40-67.
  • "Frankenstein and its Cinematic Translations," in Critical Essays on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, ed. Mary Lowe-Evans (New York: G.K. Hall & Co., An Imprint of Simon & Schuster Macmillan, 1998) 214-229.
  • "Diary of a Lost Spectator: Carving a Space for Female Desire in Patriarchal Cinema," Spectator [The University of Southern California Journal of Film and Television Criticism], special issue on "Eccentric Consumption," ed. Ellen Strain, vol. 16, no. 1, Fall/Winter 1995, 32-43.
  • “Still Life with Telephone,” Visual Arts Research, Volume 40, No. 1, Summer 2014, pages 19-21.
  • The Cine-Files, Issue 6 (Spring 2014): Special issue on film acting
  • The Cine-Files, Issue 5 (Fall 2014): Open issue with coverage of Savannah Film Festival
  • The Cine-Files, Issue 4 (Spring 2013): Special issue on mise-en-scène
  • The Cine-Files, Issue 3 (Fall 2012): Open issue with coverage of Savannah Film Festival
  • The Cine-Files, Issue 2 (Spring 2012): Special issue on The French New Wave


  • Presented papers at 17 national conferences in the last 16 years. Most recently, presented "Busby Berkeley and Primitivism" at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in New Orleans, March 2011.

Previous Positions

Taught film history and analysis at The University of Florida for 5 years on a teaching fellowship while earning a Ph.D., then taught Critical Theory and Film Studies at Kalamazoo College in Michigan for 6 years before coming to SCAD

Courses Taught

  • CINE 205 Reading Films
  • CINE 325 World Cinema
  • CINE 703 Cinema Studies Methodologies
  • CINE 710 Issues in Cinema Studies: Narratology, Aesthetics and Auteurism
  • CINE 725 World Cinema CINE 747 Cinema Theory