Steven J. Wagner

General education professor


  • B.A., biology, University of South Florida, 1981
  • M.S., zoology, Clemson University, 1984
  • Ph.D., zoology, Clemson University, 2004


  • SCAD Presidential Fellowship for Faculty Development, 2009
  • American Wind Energy Association second annual Offshore Wind Power Workshop, 2009
  • Lander Foundation Grant with Dr. Jennifer Dever, Avian species diversity study: StarFort National Historic Site, 2001
  • Faculty Development Grant, Lander University, 1996
  • Travel award from Association of Field Ornithologists, 1996
  • Travel award from New Zealand Organizing Committee of the 20th International Ornithological Congress, 1990
  • Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research, Locomotor Activity and Brain Biogeninc Amine Levels: Diurnal and Seasonal Variation in Migratory Birds, 1988


American Ornithologists' Union; Animal Behavior Society; Carolina Bird Club; Cooper Ornithological Society; Eastern Bird Banding Association; Georgia Ornithological Society; Sigma Xi; Coastal Group Georgia Sierra Club; coordinator of the Jasper County, South Carolina, Spring Migration Count; South Carolina Bird Records Committee; Breeding Bird Survey volunteer (Biological Resources Division of USGS); South Carolina state coordinator for the Breeding Bird Survey (Biological Resources Division of USGS); compiler for the Long Cane, South Carolina, Christmas Bird Count (National Audubon Society); coordinator of the Oconee County, South Carolina, spring and fall North American Migration Count

Publications and Presentations


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