Scott Boylston

Scott Boylston

Scott Boylston, SCAD design for sustainability professor

Scott Boylston

  • B.S., art education, SUNY New Paltz
  • M.S., visual communication, Pratt Institute
First year at SCAD:

"Witnessing those moments when students are struck by a sudden ability within themselves to glimpse into the complexities of life in a way that provides them with some new understanding. Such moments can be earth-shaking, but they can also be modest - small epiphanies that help them make sense of their curiosities, their motivations, their surroundings and their future. And the professor's role might be more geared toward the cultivation of a relatively consistent rhythm of the modest moments, with the hope that the doors to the larger ones are nudged wider and wider."


Riding my bicycle from New York City to San Francisco.

Awards, recognition and honors

Graduate of the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership; Nomination Committee Member for Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards; Selection Committee for the Gulfstream Navigator Award; AIGA Cause/Affect, Who's Who Among America's Teachers, New Voice Fiction Award, Nantucket Writing Award in Fiction, Pushcart Prize nomination, Sandstone Prize in Fiction finalist


DESIS / Design for Sustainability and Social Innovation, U.S. Green Building Council (former Georgia state board member); Chatham Environmental Forum; Emergent Structures (president and co-founder); AIGA; Healthy Savannah

Publications and presentations

  • "Designing Sustainable Packaging," Laurence King LTD
  • "Creative Solutions for Unusual Projects," HOW Design Books
  • The RIT Hale Ethics Series, Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Design Victoria's Sustainable Packaging Seminar, Keynote Address, Melbourne, Australia
  • The W.M. Keck Initiative on Leadership Across the Liberal Arts Curriculum, Keynote Address, Jepson School of Leadership, University of Richmond
  • Young Creators for Better Life and Better City Conference, Presenter, Shanghai, China
  • EcoEdge2: The Urgent Design Challenge in Building Sustainable Cities Conference, Presenter, Melbourne, Australia
  • The Third International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, Presenter, Chennai, India
  • Insight & Inquiry: Distinguished Voices Lecture Series, Lecturer, University of North Florida

Previous Positions

Author, "Designing Sustainable Packaging;" Facilitator for Designer's Accord Global Summit on Sustainability and Education; President and Co-founder, Emergent Structures; Invited Contributor to Winterhouse Symposium on Design Education and Social Innovation; Co-author of the Design for Sustainability masters degree at SCAD; Eco-entrepreneur and owner of SeaBob SurfWear; Founder and Chair of Design Ethos: Vision Reconsidered, a bi-annual conference on design, sustainability and social innovation; Co-author of the Center for Collaborative Learning Toolkit for Interdisciplinary Teaching at SCAD; Founding member of the Eco-Practices and Sustainability Council at SCAD

On the Web

Courses Taught

  • SUST 704 Applied Theories in Sustainability
  • SUST 713 Interdisciplinary Studio I
  • SUST 725 Design Leadership and Environmental Justice
  • SUST 748 Design for Sustainability M.A. Final Project
  • SUST 304 Theories and Methods in Sustainability
  • DMGT 740 Sustainable Practices in Design
  • GRDS 386 Package Design
  • GRDS 400 Graphic Design Studio II
  • GRDS 726 The Role of Design in Social Awareness
  • GRDS 748 Graphic Design M.A. Final Project
  • GRDS 759 Print Studio II
  • GRDS 760 Poster Design
  • GRDS 773 Portfolio Design
  • GRDS 791 Graphic Design M.F.A. Thesis