Sally Georgia Kroehnke

  • B.F.A., photography, University of Georgia, 1982
  • M.F.A., fibers, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2003
  • M.Ed., middle grades education, Armstrong Atlantic State University, 2007

"My philosophy of education is based on the welcoming atmosphere one feels when one first steps into a classroom. The type of classroom I feel most at home with is Montessori classroom and their philosophy of education. Because Montessori classes contain more than one class level, there is also a good deal of peer tutoring going on. Montessori also agrees with Piaget's belief that the environment has a role in development. Montessori's prepared environments are designed to allow children to grow and not be overwhelmed beyond their normal schedule of development. Rheta De Vries notes that Montessori's 'Four Planes of Education' are similar to Piaget's different stages of development, and they both see certain children's actions as central to cognitive development. They also believed that development cannot be taught and that education must be guided by the way the student thinks and the natural laws of development." John Chattlin-McNichols

Sally Georgia Kroehnke | Fibers professor


Surface Design Association, American Craft Council

Previous Positions

Design consultant, Very Vineyard; costume designer, "Stolen Generation," performed in the United States and Australia by the University of Georgia's Core Concert Dance Company; hand-dyed fabric and quilts exhibited nationally

Publications and presentations



  • "Fine Art Embroidery," presentation and workshop for visiting art educators and prospective SCAD students, Pepe Hall, Savannah, Georgia, 2011
  • "Repeat-pattern Design," workshop given to prospective SCAD students, Pepe Hall, Savannah, Georgia, 2009, 2010
  • J.C Lewis Health Services of Union Mission's AIDS Memorial Quilt Project, series of eight workshops, Savannah, Georgia, 2009
  • "Repeat-pattern Design," workshop given to public school art teachers, Gordon Hall, Savannah, Georgia, 2009
  • "Master the Art of Repeat," workshop, Georgia Art Education Association's Fall Professional Learning Conference, Athens, Georgia, 2008
  • "The Repeat Flip," workshop, Georgia Art Education Association's Fall Professional Learning Conference, Augusta, Georgia, 2007

Selected exhibitions


  • 2nd Annual FAAA Fine Arts Exhibition, quilts, Beach Institute, Savannah, Georgia, 2010
  • "Design Thinking: SCAD Juried Summer Sales Exhibition," quilt, Red Gallery, Savannah, Georgia, 2009
  • "AIDS Memorial Quilt Project," Live Oak Public Library, Savannah, Georgia, 2009
  • Georgia Art Education Association 2008 GAEA Members Juried Exhibition, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, Georgia, 2008