Ryan Madson

Ryan Madson

Ryan Madison

Ryan Madson

Assoc. ASLA

  • B.A., Georgia Southern University
  • M.U.P., University of Virginia
  • M.L.A., Harvard University
First year at SCAD:

“With more than half of the global population now living in urbanized areas, the 21st century is also the first urban century. As a student of the city—our greatest collective achievement—I am inspired to share my ideas with others so that we might contribute to the creation of more equitable, resilient and delightful neighborhoods, public places, cities and regions. Such an ambition is necessarily collaborative and multidisciplinary. It also requires the dedication and optimism of talented students of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design who will go forth to shape the city of tomorrow.

“I believe that there are at least as many different 'urbanisms' and urban imaginaries as there are actual cities, and probably as many as there are teachers and students of the built environment who care deeply about the past, present and future of the city.”

Awards, recognition and honors

Penny White Traveling Fellowship, Harvard University; State of Georgia Planning Award for the Statesboro Comprehensive Plan, with Lott + Barber Architects


American Society of Landscape Architects

Publications and presentations

  • “The Picturesque: Functionalism without Nostalgia,” Sculpture in the Landscape Symposium, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Scotland, U.K., August 2012
  • "The Boulevard and the Future of Adaptability: Lisbon's Segundo Circular," Rethinking Real and Virtual Infrastructures in the 21st Century: Innovative Boulevards in Lisbon, fall 2011
  • "Reflections on Intangible Infrastructure in Mumbai," co-authored with Bryan Bell, Extreme Urbanism: Reimagining Mumbai's Backbay, fall 2011
  • "Guidelines for Sustainable Buildings and Environmental Design," University of Virginia's Office of the Architect, 2005

Previous Positions

Postgraduate researcher and graphic designer, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; teaching assistant, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; urban designer, Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu; landscape architect intern, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates; planning consultant, Lott + Barber Architects; appointed member, Savannah Historic Site and Monument Commission; neighborhood coordinator, city of Savannah; campus planning intern, University of Virginia's Office of the Architect

Courses Taught

  • ARCH 302  Architecture Studio II
  • ARCH 717  Graduate Architecture Studio I 
  • ARCH 754  Architecture Seminar:  “Back to the Future” 
  • ARCH 765  Emerging Urban Issues 
  • URBA 310  Urban Design Studio I
  • URBA 345  Political Economy of Urbanization
  • URBA 705  Political Economy of Urbanization
  • URBA 709  Urban Design Studio I
  • URBA 759  Urban Design Studio III
  • URBA 769  Urban Design Thesis Research Seminar
  • URBA 779  Graduate Field/Teaching Internship 
  • URBA 780  Special Topics in Urban Design and Development
  • URBA 791  Urban Design Thesis Studio I
  • URBA 792  Urban Design Thesis Studio II