Ruben Salinas

  • B.A., communications, Universidad Regiomontana, 1980
  • A.A.A., visual communications, The Art Institute of Houston, 1991
  • M.F.A., art, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2003

"Loving what you do makes things exciting already. To see my students' work improve from the beginning to the end of a quarter gives me plenty of satisfaction. Teaching allows me to share my knowledge and experience and at the same time keeps me learning new things and new ways of making art."

Ruben Salinas | Foundation studies professor

Awards, recognition and honors

Work selected by Foundation for Sacred Arts for national traveling exhibition; solo exhibition: "The Mystic Image," The Jung Center, Houston, Texas

Previous Positions

Freelance graphic designer, illustrator and storyboard artist; full-time instructor of applied arts, The Art Institute of Houston

Publications and presentations

Lecture and workshop presentations

  • 2010. California Art Education Association, San Jose, California. Presentation: "The Intuitive Approach in Art."
  • 2009. Florida Art Education Association, Orlando, Florida. Presentation: "Intuition in Art."