Robert E. Mrozowski

Robert E. Mrozowski

Robert E. Mrozowski

B.F.A., film and advertising, Pratt Institute, 1972

First year at SCAD:

"While lecturing at the college level, I found it highly inspiring to interact with young students. SCAD then offered a more full-time opportunity to not only lecture but to mentor and enjoy an academic-team environment. The position I have with SCAD offers an even greater incentive to keep up with the changing state of the industry and its technology. As a result, I am often called upon to make recommendations on teaching tools. I have thoroughly enjoyed passing on my knowledge of visual effects to the next generation of visual effects artists. I feel invigorated and privileged to work with young people. As I strive to inspire them, they inspire me."


Working as the only person on the creative crew of Walt Disney Feature Animation's film "Dinosaur" and contributing to the visual development, matte painting and compositing departments


Visual Effects Society, The Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques

Publications and presentations

Lectures on the art of visual effects and the history of visual effects at Rhode Island School of Design, Johnson & Wales, Otis School of Design and Boston University

Previous Positions

Digital matte artist - Walt Disney Feature Animation, "Dinosaur"; HBO, "Lansky"; Boss Films, "Outbreak," "Species," "The Fantasticks," "Ace Ventura II"; digital compositor - Walt Disney Feature Animation, "Kangaroo Jack," "Dinosaur"; Digiscope, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl"; digital artist - Walt Disney Feature Animation, "102 Dalmations"; visual development digital artist - Walt Disney Feature Animation, "Dinosaur"; effects supervisor - Aoki Mrozowski Productions, TV commercials; director/cameraman/green screen supervisor/plate photography - "Mambo Kings," "Super Mario Brothers"; animation/motion control cameraman - R/Greenberg Associates, various TV commercials and "Ladyhawke," "Weird Science," "Predator," "Ghost Busters," "Goonies" and "New York Stories"; motion graphics - Zeplin Productions, NBC on-air graphics; lecturer - college-level and trade-networking groups - "The Art of Visual Effects"

On the Web

Courses Taught

  • VSFX 130 Visual Effects-based Cinematography I
  • VSFX 270 Compositing
  • VSFX 310 Matte Painting
  • VSFX 503 Cinematography for Visual Effects