Robert Bazemore

B.S., textiles, consumer science and interior design, Winthrop University

"Standing to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace and, when executed well, it is a transformative experience for organizations. Being committed to creative excellence. Working in close partnerships with faculty and students. Believing that the solutions must be effective for the students and profitable for the university that provides the educational value. Planting the seeds of change about educational experiences. Harvesting together the best resources for the needs of the student experience. Protecting the resources we all value."

Robert Bazemore | Furniture design professor

Awards, recognition and honors

Monsanto Doc Award, IBD Silver Award, Monsanto DOC Award, IBD Gold Award, IBD Best of Show, IBD Honorable Mention, IIDA Honorable Mention, Best of NEOCON Gold 2000 Brayton International Sidewalk Collection, NEOCON Editor's Choice Brayton International Sidewalk Collection 2000, DuPont Antron Award


Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honor society, Sigma Alpha Epsilon national fraternity

Previous Positions

Professor, SCAD, Savannah, Georgia; principal, J. Robert Bazemore Designs Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina; product design studio B, interior design, Brayton International, High Point, North Carolina; project manager, Odell Associates, Charlotte, North Carolina; director of interiors, senior designer, Little Diversified Architecture & Consulting, Charlotte, North Carolina; senior designer, Odell Associates, Charlotte, North Carolina; director of interiors, The FWA Group, Charlotte, North Carolina; senior interior designer, TWUC Architects, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; interior designer, Clark Tribble Harris & Li, Charlotte, North Carolina; campus planning and design, interior designer/project manager, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

Publications and presentations



  • Advertising campaign, UltraTec Cable Railings, 2008
  • Contract Design, Sidewalk Talk, Brayton International Sidewalk Collection, September 2000
  • Contract Design, Brayton International Sidewalk Collection, August 2000
  • Canadian Interiors, Brayton International Sidewalk Collection, May/June 2000
  • Home Theater Interiors, Boyd lighting - Javelin Wall Sconce, Summer 1999
  • NC Architecture (cover), McDevitt Street Bovis-Corporate Offices, Summer 1996
  • Interiors & Source, McDevitt Street Bovis-Corporate Offices, May 1996



  • Community-Based Planning, Wake Forest School of Business Management, 1998
  • The Business of Design, SCAD Furniture Summit, 2011