Rhonda Arntsen

  • B.F.A., photography, Northern Michigan University
  • M.F.A., multimedia design, The University of Minnesota
  • M.F.A., photography, The University of Illinois at Chicago

"I love learning. Teaching allows me to learn more every day."

Rhonda Arntsen | Graphic design professor

Awards, recognition and honors

"Woman Made," the Target Gallery of the Torpedo Art Center; "The Lens-Based Image," DeSoto Row Gallery; "More Into Less," Indigo Sky Gallery; "Perspective," The Center for Fine Art Photography; "Contemporary Craft: The Art of Making It," Gallery RFD; "Design is Always Permission Given or Allowance Taken," Indigo Sky Gallery; "One Half of One," The Oasis Gallery

Previous Positions

Graduate teaching assistant, University of Minnesota; teaching assistant, University of Illinois Chicago; instructor, Northern Michigan University; assistant to the director, graphic designer, Web coordinator, The Goldstein: A Museum of Design; director, coordinator of cultural events, Lee Hall Gallery, Northern Michigan University