Rebecca Weldon

Rebecca A. Weldon

  • B.S., psychology, Angelo State University, 1990
  • M.A., interpersonal communication, Ohio University, 1992
  • Ph.D., Interpersonal, organizational, and health communication, Ohio University, 1994
  • M.A., learning and behavioral disorders, Spalding University, 2002

"Initially, pursuing a degree in psychology, I wanted to be a psychologist, but after taking an introductory course in communication, I realized that the core of humanity was in expression. We struggle every moment of our existence to connect with others to achieve any number of objectives; the simplest of which may be just to be understood. Possibly evangelical in my notions, I sought college teaching as a way to share these ideals and provide guidance for how best to achieve these objectives. Nothing is more gratifying that assisting anyone in his or her pursuit of the ultimately human objectives for understanding, connection, and creation. Likewise, working within the academy allows me to continue to learn and develop myself as the perpetual student."

Rebecca A. Weldon | General education professor

Awards, recognition and honors

School of Interpersonal Communication's Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award; International Communication Association Excellent Teaching by a Graduate Student Award


National Honor Society of High School Scholars, 2005-07; Jefferson County Teachers Association, 2002-207; Kentucky Teacher Educators Association, 2002-07; National Communication Association, 1990-02; International Communication Association, 1990-02; International Network of Personal Relationships, 1993-2000; Southern States Communication Association, 2008-09

Previous Positions

Assistant professor in communication, assistant Course Coordinator and lecturer, School of Medicine, University of Louisville; teaching associate, Ohio University; exceptional child education teacher, Louisville, Kentucky; instructor, Learning Disability Association of Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky

Publications and presentations


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