Recognition / April 25, 2014

Professor Tracy Cox-Stanton and alumni attend, present at cinema studies conference

Cinema studies professor Tracy Cox-Stanton and three alumni made noteworthy appearances at the 2014 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Seattle, Washington.

Cox-Stanton presented her research on film sound in her paper “Film Sound, Footsteps, and Unvoiced Desire in Bresson’s ‘Pickpocket’ (1959) and Buñuel’s ‘Belle de Jour’ (1967)” and was also invited to participate in a workshop to discuss her work as editor of “The Cine-Files,” an online journal of cinema scholarship. 

Steve Drum (M.F.A., writing, 2014) presented “Selfie-actualization: The Death of the Cinema Star in the Films of Sofia Coppola,” Mary Feld (M.A., cinema studies, 2011) presented “Lee Daniels’ ‘Precious’ and the Body of the American Citizen,” and Ryan Babula (M.A., cinema studies, 2012) attended on behalf of Nuray Pictures, where he works as an archivist and preservationist.

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