Patrick Q. Page

Patrick Q. Page

Patrick Q. Page

  • B.S., University of Detroit
First year at SCAD:

As a working screenwriter by profession, and a committed and impassioned teacher by nature, the opportunity to teach undergraduate screenwriting workshops at SCAD is the pinnacle of my career, and I feel confident I can contribute in preparations of young writers.

I thoroughly enjoy and excel at the workshop process, leading students in a collaborative effort as their stories are developed and strengthened into fully functioning screenplays. This is my strongest asset.

After years of working in television where collaboration in the writers' room is key to success, I foster that kind of "coaching" in the classroom where my expertise and bringing the best out of my students merge.


Creating "Early Edition!" It was my fourth script (started out as a feature script) and it was my first pitch. CBS "Bought it in the room."


Writers Guild of America (west)

Previous Positions

  • "Early Edition," CBS, 1996-2000. Created by, produced by and written by credits. "Early Edition" was a one-hour drama that asked the question, "What would you do with tomorrow's newspaper, today?" The 90 episode-run, starring Emmy-winner Kyle Chandler, is currently in syndication.
  • "Doc." 2000-2002. Story editor and writer.
  • I have three scripts, a young adult feature and two television pilots, currently under consideration after receiving favorable coverage.

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Courses Taught

  • FILM 106: Introduction to Screenwriting
  • FILM 311: Television Drama Writing