Owen Foster

Owen Foster

Owen Foster

Owen Foster

Chair, Industrial Design
  • B.L.D., Auburn University
  • B.E.D., Auburn University
  • M.I.D., Auburn University
First year at SCAD:

"As an industrial design educator, it is my ultimate goal to share the challenges and rewards of this field with students. My knowledge from working outside the classroom will help enlighten the minds of students and spark their passion for design. Teaching gives me not only a chance to mentor and share my experiences but also provides me the opportunity to learn. By continually learning and keeping lines of communication open, I am able to establish a trusting professional relationship with students.

"I want my students to realize that I truly care about their education, making myself available to share concerns and ideas inside and outside the classroom. I believe strongly in providing a solid foundation for learning. I want to challenge students by giving them real design obstacles, encouraging them to come up with new and innovative solutions. I try to convey my knowledge of design to students while still maintaining their interest and curiosity. One cannot be forced to learn, one must desire it."


Leading study-abroad programs in Ireland/UK and Taiwan; the ability to share his passion with other cultures and overcome barriers through the design process was an extremely rewarding experience

Awards, recognition and honors

Unselfish Contribution Award, Auburn University


Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Industrial Design Society of America

Publications and presentations

"Design Approach for Youth Sports Equipment: Designing for the Children"; the aim of this study was to prove that through design children have a greater potential for enjoyment and success in the sport they choose to pursue

Previous Positions

Professor, Auburn University and University of Louisiana Lafayette; design director for multiple product design and manufacturing companies with high-profile clients such as Home Depot and TTI; co-founder of Fulcrum Collaborative, a group of designers from various backgrounds who work collectively to bring budding ideas to reality; background in architecture, landscape, environmental and industrial design, working on an extensive array of projects ranging from small consumer products to complete green environments for several municipalities

Courses Taught

  • IDUS 100 Introduction to Industrial Design
  • IDUS 213 Industrial Design Idea Visualization
  • IDUS 421 Commercial Practices for Industrial Design
  • IDUS 431 Industrial Design Senior Studio
  • SDES 490 Collaborative Experiences
  • SDES 791 Collaborative Experience for Graduate Students
  • SDES 501 Visual Communication and Presentation
  • SDES 502 The Human Factor, Design Thinking
  • CLC 580 Collaboration