Mary Elizabeth Sargent

  • B.F.A., fiber, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina, 1989
  • M.F.A., fiber, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 2002

"As an artist and a designer, I believe my role as an instructor is to offer and to impart the knowledge and information I have gained thus far in my own experience and career. My goal is to teach students how to develop their own art practice and how to maintain that practice. Most importantly, I create an environment of learning by discovery and exploration. A defining element in the development of an artist is to find a course of self-inquiry and to form the ability to direct oneself towards a continuing process of invention and innovation within that discipline.

"Through my own experience, I am able to expose a student to many techniques and processes that can inspire and motivate one to continue an art practice. My intent is to encourage a student to take a process beyond its current boundaries.

"Additionally, I hope to convey to the student an awareness of contemporary issues of art and design and to provide an environment where critical dialogue can take place. In contemporary fiber today the methods and materials we use are constantly shifting, as is the definition of the field itself. Challenging students to continue this evolution is a practice and responsibility I place on myself.

"In this sense, my intent is to consider each student as an individual, and to be aware of that student's distinct challenges relative to his or her own progression as an artist. To allow one to evolve through one's own self-investigation, rather than imposing my own or others' practice or theory will permit greater innovation and diversity in the field of fiber arts."

Mary Elizabeth Sargent | Fibers professor

Awards, recognition and honors

Exhibiting work part of Metropolis magazine editor's picks; traveling to the International Furniture Fair in New York and Neocon World's Trade Fair in Chicago

Previous Positions

Practicing textile designer and artist for nearly 20 years; designer of Jacquard fabrics for contract market and developed custom programs with clients such as The Knoll Group, Henry Calvin Fabrics and Sina Pearson Textiles