Liz Darlington

  • B.Des., Victoria University of Wellington, 1995
  • M.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design, 2002

"I believe in process-oriented teaching; that is, the end result is often of less importance than learning the process to achieve that result. The theory behind this is to teach a student to learn how to learn. This method enables students to become problem-solvers and innovators and to further their own abilities in the arts."

Liz Darlington | Photography professor

Awards, recognition and honors

SCAD Presidential Fellowship; Outstanding Course Development Award, National Instructional Technology Council; Honorable Mention, Digital Photography, Adobe Partners by Design, May 2002; Computer Graphics Pioneer, SIGGRAPH, 1995

Previous Positions

Eleven years teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels; supervision of post-graduate thesis research; fine arts photographer with commercial gallery representation; development and teaching of distance learning courses in photography; project management of new media projects for large corporate clients; member, Council for Undergraduate Curriculum Development; Council for eLearning; Council for Faculty Development; Council for Innovative Teaching and Learning

Publications and presentations

  • "Refueling," Arte Al Límite, Chile, 2009
  • Featured article in Arte Al Límite, Chile, 2007
  • Reviewed in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, Georgia, 2006
  • Reviewed in Creative Loafing, Atlanta, Georgia, 2006
  • ProDesign, journal of the Designers Institute of New Zealand, 2006