Keehong Kim

Art history professor


  • B.F.A., Seoul National University
  • M.A., Seoul National University
  • Ph.D., University of Paris-Sorbonne

Publications and Presentations

Selected publications

  • "The Era of the True Landscape-Golden Age of Chosun Dynasty Culture" (joint authorship), Dol Begae, Seoul, Korea, 1998.
  • "The Introduction and Assimilation of Chinese Literati Painting Style on Korean Peninsula," Collected Thesis, The Korean Academy of Art, 1993, Seoul.
  • "The New Trend of Korean Literati Painting Style in the Late Period of Chosun Dynasty-The Center for the Study of Korean Arts," the Gan Song Mun Hwa No. 42, Seoul, Korea.
  • "The Survey of Contemporary Painting Style in Korea," The Chronicles of Korean Art, No. 26, the Korean Academy of Art, 1991, Seoul.
  • "Grand Collection of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Painting," No. 2, Korea II, Sam Seong Publishing Co., Ltd. 1985, Seoul.


  • Solo shows at BGH Gallery at Los Angeles Art Center, Santa Monica, 2000 and 2000

Presentations and lectures

  • Korean Art History Lecture Sseries at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles
  • Seoul National University
  • Seoul Women's University
  • Seoul City College
  • Duk Sung Women's College