Keehong Kim

  • B.F.A., Seoul National University
  • M.A., Seoul National University
  • Ph.D., University of Paris-Sorbonne

Previous Positions

Keehong Kim studied East Asian art history at the Seoul National University Graduate School and the Paris-Sorbonne University, where he earned a doctorate degree with Tres Honorable mention. He also worked as senior curator at the Korean National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Korean Studies Center (the Gan Song Art Museum) in Seoul, South Korea.

Publications and presentations

Selected publications

  • "The Era of the True Landscape-Golden Age of Chosun Dynasty Culture" (joint authorship), Dol Begae, Seoul, Korea, 1998.
  • "The Introduction and Assimilation of Chinese Literati Painting Style on Korean Peninsula," Collected Thesis, The Korean Academy of Art, 1993, Seoul.
  • "The New Trend of Korean Literati Painting Style in the Late Period of Chosun Dynasty-The Center for the Study of Korean Arts," the Gan Song Mun Hwa No. 42, Seoul, Korea.
  • "The Survey of Contemporary Painting Style in Korea," The Chronicles of Korean Art, No. 26, the Korean Academy of Art, 1991, Seoul.
  • "Grand Collection of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Painting," No. 2, Korea II, Sam Seong Publishing Co., Ltd. 1985, Seoul.


  • Solo shows at BGH Gallery at Los Angeles Art Center, Santa Monica, 2000 and 2000

Presentations and lectures

  • Korean Art History Lecture Sseries at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles
  • Seoul National University
  • Seoul Women's University
  • Seoul City College
  • Duk Sung Women's College