SCAD professor Julie Berman

Julie Ellen Berman

  • B.A., American studies, Kenyon College, 1982
  • M.A., communication studies, Saint Louis University, 1996
  • Ph.D., communication and rhetoric, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2003

"My inspiration for teaching mainly comes from a variety of media sources. Most often, I get ideas from reading the New York Times. The content and presentation give me the basis for new speech assignments or exercises. I also get ideas from news and entertainment programs. I frequently use ideas from CBS's Sunday Morning. I like their coverage of cultural and social issues as well as their balanced political interviews. One of my favorite sources of inspiration is NPR, particularly This American Life and Weekend with Bob Edwards, the first as a source of a slice of the quirky and particular in American culture with an engaging narrative style, and the second, as a range of cultural and political topics. I use these sources in an effort to keep my teaching and assignments innovative, current and thought provoking. My SCAD colleagues also inspire me; I love to hear about their assignments and challenges. As I've attended more lectures and events and SCAD, those events also become part of my teaching orientation. As well, I use my interactions with friends, etc. as a basis for a quick assignment or comment in class. And, of course, these ideas are developed with a growing understanding and appreciation of students here; their creativity and commitment to learning is an overall source of inspiration."

Julie Ellen Berman | General education professor

Awards, recognition and honors

Gilman Memorial Fellowship, University of Missouri, Columbia; student nominated "Faculty Favorite," for three years at the University of Louisville


National Communication Association

Previous Positions

Assistant professor, University of Louisville; basic course director, University of Louisville; language arts instructor, Upward Bound; adjunct professor, Bellarmine University; writing lab tutor, University of Missouri; artists representative, Centaur Studios

Publications and presentations


  • Sinister forces, goons and fanatics: Metaphors of blame in news coverage of church bombings in India, Intercultural Communication Studies, 15, 86-97, Berman, J., D'Silva, M., Esrock, S., Hart, J., and Leichty G., 2006
  • Undergraduate communication education in Kentucky's public universities. Kentucky Journal of Communication, 24, 127-137, Berman, J. E., and Hart, J. L., 2005
  • Understanding language across the racial divide. Intercultural Communication Studies, 14(3), 1-9, 2005


  • "African American Orality at the Movies: New Approaches to African American Tropes," Southern States Communication Association conference, 2006
  • "Unity in a City Divided: A Jewish Synagogue and an Africa American Church," National Communication Association, 2005