Julie Collins

Julie Collins

Julie Collins

  • B.A., studio art, Lipscomb University, 2000
  • M.F.A., illustration, SCAD, 2002
First year at SCAD:


"Monstrous Gaullimaufry," solo exhibition, Poetter Hall Gallery, Savannah, Georgia, 2007; "Whigmaleerie," solo exhibition, Gallery Espresso, Savannah, Georgia, 2007; "Contemporary Cartoonists," group exhibition, Red Gallery, Savannah, Georgia, 2006; Sequential Art Department "Relationships" exhibition, group exhibition, Orleans Hall, Savannah, Georgia, 2004; Sequential Art Department Holiday Show, Ex Libris, group show, Savannah, Georgia, 2002; "Art of the Coffee Lands," group exhibition, The Sentient Bean, Savannah, Georgia, 2002

Awards, recognition and honors

Cover for "Discovered" received a local ADDY award for Best Cover Illustration and Design in 2008


Graphic Artists' Guild

Publications and presentations

  • Ask magazine, April issue, Carus Publishing Company, 2010
  • Cricket magazine, October issue, Carus Publishing Company, 2009
  • "Discovered," sequential art department Anthology, 2007
  • "The Wendy That Stayed," KaviDog Press, 2007
  • "Savannah Tavern Tales and Pubs Review," Schiffer Publishing, 2006
  • "Savannah Ghosts: Haunts of the Hostess City," Schiffer Publishing, 2006
  • "Funny Tombstone Quotes," Sterling Publishing, 2006
  • "Historical Whodunits," Sterling Publishing, 2005
  • "My Nights at the Improv," Albert-Whitman and Company, 2005
  • "Trailers," NBM Publishing, 2005
  • "The Bristol Board Jungle," NBM Publishing, 2004
  • "Girl vs. Wave," Walker Publications, 2003
  • "Vampire, the Masquerade CCG," White Wolf Publishing 2002
  • "D20 Modern Players' Handbook," Wizards of the Coast, 2002
  • "Nursery Rhymes Who's Who," Design Press, 2001

Previous Positions

Freelance illustrator, The Savannah Walks Inc., Schiffer Publishing, Sterling Publishing, Albert-Whitman Publishing, NBM Publishing, Serbin Communications, Walker Publications, White Wolf Publishing, Wizards of the Coast, Design Press, KaviDog Press, SCAD publishing, Living in Stanford, Main Line Today, Delaware Today and Diversity Inc.

Courses Taught

  • SEQA 100 Intro to Sequential Art
  • SEQA 215 Materials and Techniques for Sequential Art
  • SEQA 277 Digital Coloring and Lettering Applications for Comics
  • SEQA 337 Fantasy Illustrations
  • SEQA 460 Digital Portfolio
  • SEQA 731 Digital Design Issues in Sequential Art
  • SEQA 770 Sequential Art Self-Promotion