John Vincent Larison

John Vincent Larison

John Vincent Larison

  • B.A., studio art, Mary Washington College, 1998
  • M.F.A., sequential art, SCAD, 1998
First year at SCAD:


SEQALab faculty adviser and manager

Previous Positions

Professor of sequential art, SCAD; professor of foundations studies, SCAD; co-wrote Drawing for Storyboarding course, SCAD; wrote Conceptual Maquette Design course, SCAD; co-chair of Ceramics minor, SCAD; co-chair of Storyboarding minor, SCAD; co-chair of the Concept Design minor, SCAD

Courses Taught

  • DRAW 100 Drawing 1: Form and Space
  • DRAW 206 Drawing for Storyboarding
  • DRAW 502 Drawing Methods Studio
  • DSGN 100 Design I: Elements and Organization [2D Design]
  • DSGN 101 Color: Theory and Application
  • DSGN 102 Design II: 3-D Form in Space [3D Design]
  • SEQA 100 Introduction to Sequential Art
  • SEQA 215 Materials and Techniques for Sequential Art
  • SEQA 326 Conceptual Maquette Design
  • SEQA 382 Visual Storytelling I
  • SEQA 405 Visual Storytelling II
  • SEQA 410 Sequential Art Senior Project
  • SEQA 502 Visual Story Development
  • SEQA 716 Sequential Art Studio I
  • SEQA 726 Sequential Art Studio II
  • SEQA 756 Sequential Art Studio III
  • SEQA 766 Sequential Art Studio IV