John "Jack" Drop

John "Jack" Drop

John "Jack" Drop

  • B.A., communications, University of Illinois, 1975
  • M.A., mass communications, Ohio State University, 1979
First year at SCAD:

"Filmmaking is an experiential process, handed down by film professionals in mostly an oral tradition of mentor to student. Being able to share the combined work/art/research/experience of a 30-year career with the next generation of filmmakers is rewarding in and of itself; it is made even more fulfilling when SCAD film alumni tell me of their successes."


"Working with a muse by the name of Jean Wolff; meeting Ben Morris; working with video artist Bill Viola; credit on the Grammy award-winning CD "In The Moment" by Dianne Reeves; meeting Geraldine Chaplin and her husband at the Savannah Film Festival; attending the Cannes Film Festival the first time and being met at the airport by a guy holding a sign with my last name on it."

Publications and presentations

Georgia Southern University, "A Short History of Video Art"

Previous Positions

Cinematographer, "Winter in the Grand Tetons"; cinematographer, "Wildlife Near Venice, LA"; cinematographer, "Putting a Pyramid in the Ocean"; cinematographer, "Solar Mirror Field"; cinematographer, "Geothermal Electric Production"; helicopter cinematographer, "Santa Barbara Coastal Project"; lighting director, "Garage Sale of the Stars" public service announcements; Steadicam operator, Lee Motion Pictures; underwater camera supervisor, two-man submersible and team of two underwater cameras; offshore cinematographer, "In Bering Sea"; faculty supervisor, 1996 Olympic coverage

Courses Taught

  • FILM 132 Lighting and Field Production Techniques
  • FILM 224 Survey of Film
  • FILM 312 Panther Dolly Seminar
  • FILM 323 Art Video
  • FILM 408 Steadicam
  • FILM 432 Film and Television Senior Project II