Jeffrey DeVincent

  • B.A., Northern Illinois University, 1987
  • M.F.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1993

"The industry embraces, and craves, positive, responsible people, and it is my goal to help students find positive, fulfilling career paths.

"My approach to teaching gives great weight to the ethereal, adroit, process-oriented work (the Alexander Technique - ongoing studies and research in the physiological freedoms; voice production and release, IPA, improvisation, auditions, investigations, text analysis, technique development, acting-theory and classroom methodology). I am committed to the success of my students; consequently, I instruct the student to help define their successes via critical analysis of their classroom accomplishments. Through discussion, theory, practical application, terminology, rhetoric, professional orientation and debate, my students are ready and willing to work enthusiastically for the rest of their lives.

"I encourage a rigorous, disciplined, work-oriented and positive classroom. I utilize rubrics and documentation for test scores, merit, achievement, participation, agency-standard marketing tools, audition pieces, written work, student evaluations, peer and administrative evaluations, grades, digital/video documentation and exit interviews. The students are required to post all written works electronically, in support of university sustainability."

Jeffrey DeVincent | General education professor

Awards, recognition and honors

Co-wrote, directed, and presented original SCAD work for the National American College Theatre; festival, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Ten Year Decoration of University Service; University Commendations and Grants; presented/directed five SCAD musical productions for Region IV KC/ACTF Festivals; Best Production 2008 Connect Savannah, Rocky Horror Show Live!; 5-year decoration of university service; Best Production 1999 Savannah Morning News, The Who's Tommy; directed three productions for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland to critical acclaim; recipient of KC/ACTF Region IV Certificate of Vision 2004; TCG Professional Affiliate Award 2003; Regional Judge Emmy Awards; founded SCAD's award-winning media and performing arts department; founded Pittsburgh's FNI Improvs (now celebrating its twentieth anniversary season)


Association for Theater in Higher Education (ATHE); Alexander Technique International (ATI); Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA); Southern States Communication Association (SSCA); Society of Stage Directors & Choreographers (SSDC); Casting Society of America (CSA), associate; The Voice Foundation Member; Actors Hall of Fame Elector

Previous Positions

Representative 1998-Present

Guest director, Bay Street Theatre at Club One; guest director, Little Theatre of Savannah; guest director, Cardinal Repertory Theater; director, Savannah Actor's Theater; professor of liberal arts and professor of performing arts, Savannah College of Art and Design; professor, artistic director/producer, Savannah College of Art and Design; designated casting director, film industry for university projects; feature film casting associate; chair of media and performing arts, professor, Savannah College of Art and Design; alumni professional placement, Savannah College of Art and Design; professor of media and performing arts, Savannah College of Art and Design; director of education, Saltworks Theatre Company; director of education, Senator John Heinz History Museum; instructor, Point Park University/Pittsburgh Playhouse; adjunct, Chatham University; adjunct, Geneva College; teaching fellow, University of Pittsburgh

Publications and presentations


  • Theatre critic/contributing editor, Pittsburgh City Paper; author to over one hundred published critiques, review and preview articles


  • "Use Doth Breed Habit..." a fundamental Alexander Technique informed stress-relief/improv seminar, Residence Life Self-improvement Program, May 2011
  • "Golden Ticket of Public Speaking ... an energy driven, purpose-based physical approach toImpromptu Speaking (aka Extemporaneous Speaking)," 'LEAD Conference, February 2011
  • "Finding Voice," seminars for Admission Personnel, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia
  • "Ensemble Building," Admission Personnel Seminars, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia
  • "Audience Participation Improvisation," Twenty-five all day improvisational seminars, lectures and workshops conducted with two/three hundred prospective students and their families as audience participants, Savannah College of Art and Design, Pamela Rhame, Senior VP of Admission and Communication, Savannah, Georgia
  • Regional Adjudicator and Respondent, KC/ACTF
  • "The Living Newspaper," and Residency, Scaife Family Foundation Grant, Senator John Heinz History Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • "Ensemble Methodology," faculty seminar, Scaife Family Foundation Grant, Senator John Heinz History Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • "Educating with Ensemble and The Living Newspaper," faculty seminar, Scaife Family Foundation Grant, Senator John Heinz History Museum, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • "The Character Docent," actor/staff seminar, Scaife Family Foundation Grant, Senator John Heinz History Museum,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


  • "Chicago" at the Bay Street Theater and gave a two-hour presentation for Human Resources at Gulfstream