James Kent Arnold

  • B.F.A., drawing and painting, California State University - Long Beach, 1980
  • M.F.A., live action film and video, California Institute of the Arts, 1986

"The philosophy behind any modern approach to the arts, and to education in the arts, must be interdisciplinary. I believe that it is one's duty as a teacher to present a creative balance between the instruction of the technical skills, an exposure to the dynamic facets within the arts and direction to shape the individual artist's expression. This joining of a highly demanding technical practice and a constant search for the unique storytelling voice is a tremendous part of the realization that all filmmakers must attain. One must give the student the tools to learn, allow the students the freedom to make mistakes, find the resolves, and they will ultimately benefit from the educational experience. Going beyond one's limitations establishes a new standard with every experience and sets up a path for the student to constantly improve the work. I firmly believe that when teaching at an undergraduate level, it is important to be a positive and supportive force in the student's life. I want every student to have the best possible academic and artistic experience. I have an overriding concern that all students learn to how to learn. The process of problem solving and critical thinking is an essential life skill, and it can be greatly enhanced by applying oneself to the task with great commitment and dedication."

James Kent Arnold | Film and television, television producing professor

Awards, recognition and honors

California Institute of the Arts: History of Experimental Film and Video, teaching assistant to Gene Youngblood; TV Production Workshop and Cinematography Studio, teaching assistant to Kris Malkiewicz; Film Grammar, teaching assistant to Alexander Mackendric; Advanced Documentary Workshop, teaching assistant to Terry Sanders; California State University, Long Beach: Intermediate Performance Art Workshop, teaching assistant to Rachel Rosenthal University of California, Los Angeles: videographer for renaissance dance, European tour, teaching assistant to E. L. Thomas


Founding member of Cancer News Today

Previous Positions

Director, digital media technology, West Georgia Technical College, LaGrange, Georgia; audio visual specialist, Harrah's Casino and Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri; TV production specialist, Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, North Carolina; digital filmmaking instructor, School of Communication Arts, Raleigh, North Carolina; multimedia director, The Body Shop Corporation, Wake Forest, North Carolina; audio/visual director, Aveda Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota; assistant art director, The GEON Corporation, Los Angeles, California