James Gladman

James Gladman

James Gladman

  • B.F.A, environmental design, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 1984
  • MF.A. painting, San Francisco Art Institute, 1990
First year at SCAD:

"My teachers told me that I would make a great teacher. I love research and discourse - 'the life of the mind'- and helping others to develop their intellect and creativity."


"Contributing to the education and enlightenment of my past and present students."



Publications and presentations


  • SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference), Richmond, Virginia, Panelist/Presenter: "The Academy of the Spectacle: Art Education in the Age of Perpetual Apocalypse," 2010
  • Speaker/performance, "Which is Better," The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2010
  • Speaker/ panelist, Segrelicious Artist Panel, Shoebox Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2007
  • Speaker/panelist, Symposium on Time and Catastrophe, the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Minnesota, 2007
  • Speaker, Adobe Partners in Design Conference, San Jose, California, 2005
  • Speaker, Nuove Modalita Esressive Nell'Era Del Digatale, Villa Aragona Cuto, Palermo, Italy, 2004


  • Series of 3-D typographic monuments, published on Geotypografika.com (design blog), 2010
  • "Rip! A Remix Manifesto," (DVD), EyeSteelFilm, 2008 (two videos) Negativland's "Our Favorite Things" (DVD), Other Cinema, 2007 (3 videos)
  • "Where is Here," Gingko Press, Makela/Blackwell, 1998 (Illustration: front and end pieces)
  • "Sports of the Future," ESPN Magazine, 1999 (Illustrations)

Previous Positions

Art director, Jagged Edge Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota; creative director, Sarkissian Mason, New York, New York; adjunct professor, Minneapolis College of Art and Design; instructor, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; designer, title sequence, "Fight Club," film directed by David Fincher; exhibitions and performances in the United States, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Croatia, Brazil, Iraq, Nepal, Antarctica and Norway; music video director for performance group Negativland

On the Web

Courses Taught

  • CMPA 100 Survey of Computer Art Applications
  • CMPA 110 Advanced Survey of Computer Art Applications
  • MOME 130 Motion Media Design Techniques I
  • MOME 206 Motion Media Design Techniques II
  • MOME 246 Title Design
  • MOME 305 Time-Based Media for the Art Gallery
  • MOME 369 Time-Based Typography I
  • MOME 400 Senior Motion Media Design Project I
  • MOME 401 3-D Motion Media Design
  • MOME 408 Multiplatform Media Brand Packaging
  • MOME 448 Senior Motion Media Design Project II
  • MOME 490 Motion Media Design Portfolio
  • MOME 711 Advanced Motion Media Techniques
  • MOME 729 Dynamic Typography
  • MOME 735 Motion Media Design Studio I
  • MOME 746 Main Title Design
  • MOME 748 Motion Media Design M.A. Final Project
  • MOME 749 Motion Media Design Portfolio
  • MOME 756 Works of Art in a Digital Culture
  • MOME 758 3-D Motion Media Design
  • MOME 760 Alternative Methods in Motion Media Design
  • MOME 775 Motion Media Design Studio II
  • MOME 779F, Graduate Field Internship
  • MOME 779T Graduate Teaching Internship
  • MOME 790 Motion Media Design M.F.A. Thesis