Jack Mamais

Jack Mamais

Jack Mamais

B.A., journalism, University of Georgia, 1986

First year at SCAD:

"SCAD and its faculty and students have always been a great inspiration for me. I have never met such amazing artists with equal amounts of talent, passion and dedication. As a veteran game developer, I find it exciting to bring my love of computer and video games to brand new generations of developers."


Roles as lead designer, producer, director and senior lead tester on award-winning games

Previous Positions

Lead game designer, Midway Games, Chicago, Illinois; lead game designer, Crytek, Germany; creative director, Check Six Studios, Los Angeles, California; director, Activision, Los Angeles

Courses Taught

  • ITGM 121 Introduction to Game Development
  • ITGM 250 Fundamentals of Game Design
  • ITGM 272 Video Game Industry Survey
  • ITGM 380 Interactive Design and Game Development Portfolio
  • ITGM 395 Applied Game Design
  • ITGM 402 Game Design Criticism and Analysis
  • ITGM 405 Interactive Design and Game Development Studio I
  • ITGM 465 Interactive Design and Game Development Studio II