Gregory Eltringham

Gregory Eltringham

Gregory Eltringham

  • B.A., art, Northeastern University
  • M.F.A., painting, Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Diploma in illustration, The Art Institute of Boston
First year at SCAD:

"My own experience as a student was a motivating factor for my decision to pursue a career in teaching. I enjoy the classroom environment and the way it serves as a laboratory for ideas. My continued interaction with students, the dialogue generated in the classroom, and the dedicated research necessary to keep me informed and relevant as a professor all serve to keep things fresh, and they play a valuable role in the development of my studio practice. "

Awards, recognition and honors

SCAD Presidential Fellowship; The Sixth Open Studios Midwest Competition. "New American Paintings"; Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Publications and presentations


  • "Year of the Rabbit," Moot Gallery, Hong Kong, China, 2011
  • "Horse Power: Matt Blackwell and Gregory Eltringham," Gallery See, Atlanta, Georgia, 2010
  • "You," Union College, Arts Atrium Gallery / Visual Arts Department, Schenectady, New York, 2009
  • "Wishing You Were Here," d.o.c.s. Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2008

Previous Positions

Chair of painting department, professor of painting, professor of foundation studies, Savannah College of Art and Design; gallery director, adjunct professor, Broward College, Davie, Florida

On the Web

Courses Taught

  • DRAW 708 Graduate Drawing
  • PNTG 203 Oil-based Media Exploration
  • PNTG 302 Intermediate Painting
  • PNTG 310 Life Painting
  • PNTG 321 Portrait Painting
  • PNTG 325 Narrative Painting
  • PNTG 330 Large-format Painting
  • PNTG 331 Landscape Painting
  • PNTG 332 Advanced Portrait Painting
  • PNTG 341 Painting: Developing a Sense of Place
  • PNTG 409 Advanced Painting
  • PNTG 410 Advanced Life Painting
  • PNTG 431 Advanced Landscape Painting
  • PNTG 704 Formal Aspects of Painting
  • PNTG 728 Painting Studio I
  • PNTG 738 Painting Studio II
  • PNTG 741 Painting: Directed Project
  • PNTG 758 Painting Studio III
  • PNTG 762 Life Painting
  • PNTG 764 Narrative Painting
  • PNTG 768 Painting Studio IV
  • PNTG 775 Advanced Painting Studio Analysis
  • SFIN 716 Theories and Processes I
  • SFIN 756 Theories and Processes II