Dennis Lee Randall

General education professor


  • B.A., English, University of Maryland, 1990
  • M.A., English and theatre, Kansas State University, 1992
  • Ph.D., film and theatre, University of Georgia, 1996


First professional production of stage play.

Awards, recognitions and honors

Jerome L. Johanning Playwriting Award, Kansas State University, 1991, 1992; Nicols Award for Best Essay by Graduate Student, Kansas State University, 1991; Creative Writing Fellowship, University of Maryland, Baltimore, 1989, 1990.


  • Modern Language Association
  • The Association for Theatre in Higher Education
  • Southeast Theatre Conference
  • Society for Cinema Studies
  • Dramatists Guild

Publications and Presentations

Conference Papers

  • "Alfred Hitchcock: Technique or Trickery," round table discussion, UGA Center for Humanities and Arts, Athens, Georgia, 2002
  • "The Films of Stanley Kubrick," round table discussion with David Cook, UGA Center for Humanities and Arts, Athens, Georgia, 2001
  • "No Time for Comedy: The Rise and Fall of Preston Sturges," Society for Cinema Studies Conference, West Palm Beach, Florida, 1999
  • "Nouveau Roman / Nouveau Cinema," round table discussion with Alain Robbe-Grillet, UGA Center for Humanities and Arts, 1998
  • "Unfunny Women: The Denial of Wit in 1940s Comedies," Florida State University Film and Literature Conference, Tallahassee, Florida, 1997
  • "Comedy Noir in the 1940s," Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 1996
  • "Ibsen and Strindberg: A Dialectic," Comparative Drama Conference, Gainesville, Florida, 1995
  • "Did Neoclassicism Ever Really Die?" ATHE Conference, Chicago, Illinois, 1994
  • "Preston Sturges and the End of Comedy: Laughing at The American Dream," Society for Cinema Studies Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1993
  • "A Look at Five 1948 Comedies: Capra, Hawks, McCarey, Stevens, and Sturges," Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1992

Theater Productions

  • The Soft Life, Dad's Garage, Atlanta, Georgia, 2000
  • Tarnished Boy, Black Box Theatre, University of Georgia, 1998
  • The Soft Life, The Theatre Project, Baltimore, Maryland, 1995
  • Twogetherness, Celler Theatre, University of Georgia, 1994
  • Suicide Anonymous, Baltimore Playwright's Festival, 1993
  • American Scenes, Corner Theatre, Baltimore, Maryland, 1993
  • The Lottery, Purple Masque Theatre, Kansas State University, 1992
  • The Eavesdroppers, Nichols Theatre, Kansas State University, 1991
  • Only in America, University of Maryland, Baltimore, 1989