Dena Krupinsky

B.A., journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1984

"I've learned a lot over the years about producing, interviewing, writing and directing, and I want to share my knowledge, experiences and passion with fellow television enthusiasts."

Dena Krupinsky | Television producing professor

Awards, recognition and honors

National Association of Minorities in Cable Vision Award for Best News and Information Program, "Race and Hollywood: Black Images on Film"; 11 Telly Awards including "Behind the Action: Stunt men in the Movies," "Style in Motion" with Kate and Andy Spade and "Private Screenings: Tony Curtis"; American Women in Radio and Television Award in recognition of excellent programming for "Star of the Month: Lucille Ball"; Gracie Allen Award presented by the Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television for "A Woman's View"

Previous Positions

Associate producer, WAGA-TV Atlanta; producer, Turner Network Television, Latin America; senior producer and director, Turner Classic Movies

Publications and presentations

Presented a retrospective on the late actor Edward G. Robinson at a tribute dinner on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles