Désiré Houngues

Désiré Houngues

Désiré Houngues

  • B.A., Universite du Benin
  • Ph.D., Boston University
First year at SCAD:

"My inspiration for teaching stems from the belief that every child can be successful in the classroom and live a rewarding and fulfilling life, provided that he or she has the proper guidance and support. Every time I enter the classroom, I prepare myself to meet and surpass that challenge and hope that each student is leaving the class with more questions than they entered it with. I hope that my students leave the classroom with questions not because the ones they had have not been answered in class, but the best part of the questions or queries or quests is that the answers and the search for them will lead them to question their assumptions and biases. That is a work in progress and it is indeed what lifelong learning is about. Teaching to me is not merely about providing students with the correct answers, but it is also about helping students ask questions and challenge their preconceived notions. In doing so, they will not get tired of finding out new things about themselves, others and their world. I owe this to the many great teachers who opened my eyes and my mind about the dimensions of humanity."


"Implemented and led the SCAD School of Liberal Arts. In my tenure the school more than doubled its departments and faculty."

Awards, recognition and honors

Who's Who Among Americas Teachers, 2005; Who's Who in America, 2005; Who's Who Among Americas Teachers, 2004; Conflict Resolution Certificate, 1995; Great Books Leader Certificate Great Books Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia, 1996; Global Education Award, World Affairs Council, 1992; Distinguished Foreign Guest Speaker, Wakefield High School, Wakefield, Massachusetts, 1991


American Anthropological Association, American Association of Colleges and Universities, African Studies Association, African Studies in Linguistics

Publications and presentations

  • Liberal Education: An Integrative Approach to the Art and Design Curriculum at SCAD, Savannah, Ga., 2008
  • General Education at SCAD, Savannah, Ga., 2005
  • Education and Language Policies in Africa, ACAL Conference, Harvard University, 2004
  • Topics in the Syntax of Mina, Dissertation, Boston University, 1997
  • On Serial Verb Constructions in Mina, Hounguès, D. & Hutchison, J., 1996 Paper presented at ACAL 27 in Gainesville, Florida
  • Progressive constructions in Mina, Paper presented at ACAL 27 in Gainesville, Florida, 1996

Conferences and research

  • Ethnographic work in Cotonou (Benin) and in Lome and Sokode (Togo) analyzing the impact of the global economy on the culture of the Gen, and Kotokoli people, 2009
  • The Association of American Colleges and Universities Conference on Integrative Designs for General Education and Assessment, 2008
  • The Association of American Colleges and Universities Conference on General Education and Assessment Engaging Critical Questions, Fostering Critical Learning, Miami, FL, 2007
  • Conference on General Education and Outcomes That Matter in a Changing World, Phoenix, AZ, 2006
  • Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities Demanding Excellence: Liberal Education in an Era of Global Competition, Anti-Intellectualism and Disinvestment, 2006
  • 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Conference of Academic Deans, 2006
  • Annual Conference on African Languages, GSU, Savannah, Ga., 2005
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Ga., 2004
  • Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Washington, D.C., 2004
  • 60th Annual Meeting of the American Conference of Academic Deans Practicing Liberal Education: Deepening Knowledge, Pursuing Justice, Taking Action, 2004

Previous Positions

Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, SCAD; acting chair of cinema studies, arts administration, professional writing, SCAD; chair, liberal arts, SCAD; African consultant, World Affairs Council

Courses Taught

  • ANTH 101 Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH 106 Language, Culture and Society