Carole Pacheco

Carole Pacheco

  • B.A., The University of New Mexico, 1976
  • M.Arch., University of Colorado, 1992

"The most powerful agent of change is the idea, and it is inspiring to have the privilege to participate in an educational environment that nurtures that. I have always found a great fascination in watching students explore the possibilities that take them to a new landscape of ideas, and a delight to help them discover their own secret path that lies between knowledge and understanding."

Carole Pacheco | Architecture professor

Awards, recognition and honors

Tau Sigma Delta, architectural honor society

Previous Positions

Project architect, Gordon Herkenhoff and Associates, Albuquerque, New Mexico; project architect and manager, Leedshill-Herkenhoff Inc., Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, Phoenix, Arizona, and San Francisco, California; staff architect, Albuquerque Public Schools Facilities Planning; principal partner and designer, Legacy Unlimited Graphic Art Productions, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Albuquerque, New Mexico; executive producer, Lunar Leaf Film Independent Films, Denver, Colorado; instructor of interior design, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, Colorado; professor of architecture, SCAD Savannah; design consultant, New Mexico Diversified Inc., Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Publications and presentations


  • "Light: Etching the Face of Space," SCAD Lacoste, October, 2004
  • "Conflict on the Road to Unity," the Unity Workshop, New Horizons of Women and Men National Convention, Savannah, 2009