Andrew Meyer

Andrew Meyer

Andrew Meyer, SCAD film and television professor

Andrew Meyer

B.A., English, Bucknell University, 1971

First year at SCAD:

"My uncle, who taught at Yale University."


Executive producer of "The Breakfast Club" and "Fried Green Tomatoes"; author, "Dancing on the Seats," a Billboard publication

Awards, recognition and honors

Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay Adaptation, "Fried Green Tomatoes"

Previous Positions

Professor, University of Southern California; director of publicity, A&M Records; president, A&M Films; president, Wildwood Productions; president, Act III Productions

Courses Taught

  • FILM 105 Preproduction
  • FILM 215 Screenwriting
  • FILM 315 Advanced Screenwriting
  • FILM 420 The Distribution Revolution
  • FILM 425 Advanced Production Practicum
  • FILM 431 Film and Television Senior Project I
  • FILM 432 Film and Television Senior Project II
  • FILM 704 Producing for Film and Television
  • FILM 707 Screenwriting
  • FILM 726 The Screenplay Adaptation
  • FILM 732 Field Production
  • FILM 770 Film and Television Professional Development
  • FILM 787 Film and Television M.F.A. Thesis Preproduction