Andrea Goto

Andrea Goto

  • B.A., English, Western Washington University
  • M.A., literature and philosophy, Georgia Southern University
  • M.F.A., contemporary writing, Savannah College of Art and Design

"Helping writers discover their voice."

Andrea Goto | Writing professor

Awards, recognition and honors

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, SCAD, 2010; Graduate Student Fellowship, SCAD, 2007; Graduate Student Fellowship, Georgia Southern University, 2002; Graduate Student Professional Development Grant, Georgia Southern University, 2003

Previous Positions

Associate editor, Savannah magazine; contributing writer,; contributing writer, The South magazine; instructor, Georgia Southern University; development associate, SCAD; writing consultant, Western Washington University, Georgia Southern University

Publications and presentations

Co-authored Jamie Deen’s Good Food (Kyle Books, 2013)

  • “A Sapphire in the Rough,” Savannah magazine, May/June 2014
  • “Smooth Sailing,” Savannah WEDDINGS, Spring/Summer 2014
  • “The Mild, Wild West,” Savannah magazine, March/April 2014
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  • “Space Invaders,” Savannah magazine, September/October 2012
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  • “Digging out of the Pigeonhole: African American Representation in the Plays of Suzan-Lori Parks,”  Suzan-Lori Parks: A Casebook, 2007
  • “In the Name of the [Faux] Father: The Influence of Abraham Lincoln in The America Play and Topdog/Underdog,” Studies in American Culture, 2003

Presented papers

  • "In the Name of the [Faux] Father: The Influence of Abraham Lincoln in 'The America Play' and 'Topdog/Underdog,'" The Popular Culture Association in the South/The American Culture Association in the South Conference, Atlantic Beach, 2003
  • "Compromised Feminism in Eve Ensler's 'The Vagina Monologues,'" The Popular Culture Association in the South/The American Culture Association in the South Conference, Atlantic Beach, 2005