Andre Ruschkowski

Sound design professor


  • Diploma, musicology, Humboldt University Berlin, 1989
  • Doctorate, musicology, Humboldt University Berlin, 1993


Compositions performed at numerous festivals in Europe, Asia and the United States; two books about electronic and computer music published


International Computer Music Association, Electronic Music Foundation, Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States, German Society for Electroacoustic Music

Publications and Presentations


  • Elektronische Klänge und musikalische Entdeckungen (Electronic Sounds and Musical Discoverings), Reclam Stuttgart (Germany) 467 pp, 2nd revised and extended edition 2010 Soundscapes - Elektronische Klangerzeugung und Musik (Electronic sound generation and music), Lied der Zeit Musikverlag Berlin, 232 pp, 1990
  • "Computer Music." in: Holger Schramm (Ed.): Handbook Music and Media (In German language) Research Project of the Institute for the Science of Journalism and Media Research of the University Zürich (Switzerland) UVK-Verlagsgesellschaft Konstanz, 2009, p. 277-296.


  • 2008 "About the Relationship between visual structures and sound structures and some options for their transformation into each other" Guest Lecture, European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies (ECMCT) July 7, 2008, Technical University Berlin (Germany)
  • 2006 "Hearing Pictures and Seeing Sounds." (Conference Paper Presentation at the Electronic Music Midwest Festival) Oct. 13, 2006, Lewis University Chicago
  • 2006 "From Text to Texture to Structure: A Unique Approach to Media Composition." Guest Lecture, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), May 17, 2006, Los Angeles/Valencia.
  • 2006 "Research and Composition in Audio Art" Guest Lecture, Columbia College Chicago, Feb. 27, 2006, Chicago.