eLearning programs

Courses begin and end on a 10-week schedule to coincide with on-site courses at all SCAD locations. Blended learning or limited residency options may be available.

Requiring no specific meeting times, eLearning courses follow SCAD's academic calendar. Students complete assignments by designated due dates and participate in asynchronous online class sessions to meet, assess and critique work and expand upon discussion board postings. The Blackboard learning management system, which provides students access to their eLearning courses, is available through the MySCAD digital portal. Professors post presentations and lectures in the Virtual Lecture Hall.

Undergraduate degree programs are designed to challenge students to perform at a high level, preparing them for professional careers. A well-rounded curriculum provides students with core courses in foundation studies and general education leading to focused major programs emphasizing development of academic knowledge, technical and analytical skills, aesthetic sensibility, and the ability to express ideas visually and verbally. 

Graduate degree programs are designed for dedicated, self-motivated students who are committed to the pursuit of excellence through advanced study. Graduate curricula are structured to address the literature of the discipline and to ensure ongoing student engagement in research and/or appropriate professional practice and training experiences. The graduate experience culminates in student teaching or in a thesis or final project demonstrating a mature and resolved body of work and/or research. 

Certificate programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Designed to provide special preparation in an area complementary to a student's major or profession, certificate programs are comprised of four or five courses taken in a suggested sequence. Coursework completed as part of a certificate program may be applied to some SCAD degree programs.

Online undergraduate degrees 

Online graduate degrees 

Online certificates