After the end of the drop/add period and through the last day of the quarter, students may officially withdraw from a course. Students should note that withdrawing from a course after the drop/add period is not the same as dropping a course during the drop/add period. Withdrawing students do incur a financial obligation for the portion of the course that has passed, but may entitle the student or lender to a refund of tuition paid for the remaining portion of the course. Withdrawal from one or more courses also may impact a student's full-time status and may alter financial aid eligibility. Students should consult with a staff adviser for information. Refund policies are listed under financial information.

Students demonstrate their intent to withdraw from a course by completing the electronic withdrawal form available in MySCAD. The withdrawal form is processed automatically and withdrawal is effective immediately upon receipt of the request by the registrar's office. If for any reason the automated process is not available, students should contact the office of the registrar immediately by email at registrar@scad.edu. Withdrawals are final and students may not return to the same course from which they have withdrawn. Withdrawal from a course results in a grade of W and no credit is earned. Thus, it does not calculate into the student's grade point average.

Students who fail a course due to a violation of the academic integrity policy may not subsequently withdraw from that course. A student who is withdrawing from SCAD altogether must complete a withdrawal form for each course in which he or she is registered, have an exit interview with a staff adviser, officially drop any courses for which he or she may be pre-registered in the subsequent quarter, return his or her student identification card and, if residing in SCAD housing, return all room keys to the department of student success.