Temporary grade of incomplete

A student who has suffered serious personal illness or other emergency circumstances during the academic term should notify the dean of students as soon as possible for assistance or accommodations. Students who have suffered such circumstances and are therefore unable to complete all assignments by the end of the quarter may request a grade of incomplete through the appropriate school dean before the end of the quarter, explaining the reason and including documentation of the illness or emergency circumstance. The dean's decision is final.

A student who is assigned a temporary grade of incomplete is required to complete the remainder of the unfinished work in a satisfactory manner by midterm of the following quarter. A temporary grade of incomplete automatically changes to an F if the required work is not completed satisfactorily by midterm of the following quarter. A student may not withdraw from a course after receiving a grade of incomplete.

A student who has missed more than four class sessions, 20 percent of classes in a quarter, is not eligible for a grade of incomplete.