Rights to use of student work

SCAD reserves the right to use samples of student work and photographs or video of students and their work in publications and on SCAD websites or other materials about the university. SCAD may request to purchase student work to be included in the permanent collection. Students are frequently invited to exhibit work in the SCAD galleries and in traveling exhibitions. Students also may be invited to sell their work through the SCAD galleries, shopSCAD or through open studio nights held by academic departments.

Students who create copyrightable work with the use of university resources and in furtherance of class projects while enrolled at SCAD grant to the university a royalty-free, nonexclusive, worldwide, transferrable and perpetual license to use the work (whether in its entirety or samples), together with photographs and/or video of students, for the promotion of and/or to advance the interests of the university. This includes the right to reproduce and distribute copies of the work, photographs and/or video. The complete policy on intellectual property is available at online.