Locations and learning modalities

SCAD offers accredited degree programs at locations in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia; in Hong Kong; and online via SCAD eLearning. Coursework also is offered through SCAD sponsored international and domestic programs in various locations, including the SCAD study abroad location in Lacoste, France. Full degree programs are not offered at SCAD Lacoste. Students accepted to SCAD may request to study at one or more of these locations and online and may combine traditional and travel/study with online coursework, except in Hong Kong. Hybrid courses and limited residency programs also are offered; see specific program pages for details.

Application and admission policies and procedures are the same for all undergraduate or graduate programs offered by SCAD, regardless of location and modality. (See admission policies and procedures.) Qualified students are eligible to receive scholarships, fellowships and federal and state financial aid. (See student financial services section.) Students may begin their study any quarter during the academic year and may choose to be residential or commuting students. Orientation is offered at the start of each quarter for all new students and provides information about academic programs and university resources.

SCAD Savannah
SCAD Savannah offers a wide range of degree programs, certificate programs and individual courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as non-credit community education workshops.

The SCAD Savannah urban location is large and unique, occupying approximately 2 million square feet in more than 70 facilities throughout one of the most renowned National Historic Landmark districts in the United States. The university is widely acknowledged as a leader in the field of historic preservation, adaptively reusing a variety of historical structures as classrooms, studios, digital labs, darkrooms, galleries, libraries, theaters, bookstore, cafes, residence halls, dining facilities, fitness centers, and shopSCAD, a retail store for the sale of work produced by students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Intercollegiate and intramural athletics, numerous student clubs and organizations, and professional affiliations provide a broad university experience. Community involvement, internships, competitions and classroom assignments connect students with professionals in businesses, design firms, media and nonprofit organizations. Performances, lectures, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, concerts and athletic events fill the calendar. Signature events include the Savannah Film Festival, deFine Art, the International Festival, the Sidewalk Arts Festival, the Sand Arts Festival, and the SCAD Fashion Show.

SCAD Atlanta
SCAD Atlanta offers a wide range of degree programs, certificate programs and individual courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as non-credit community education workshops.

SCAD Atlanta facilities include well-equipped classrooms, galleries, digital labs, library, photography darkrooms, printmaking, sculpture and television producing studios, bookstore, dining hall, fitness center, swimming pool and residence halls. SCAD Atlanta facilities also include the historic Ivy Hall Writing Center and the Digital Media Center for majors such as animation, television producing and visual effects. Intercollegiate and intramural athletics, and a variety of student organizations, including student media and student ambassadors, provide leadership opportunities outside the classroom. Professional affiliate chapters provide social and co-curricular programming to enhance the learning environment. Students also have opportunities to be active in the community and participate in internships, competitions and classroom assignments related to businesses, design firms, media or nonprofit organizations. Lectures, exhibitions, performances, workshops, conferences, seminars and other activities provide a well-rounded educational experience.

SCAD Hong Kong
SCAD Hong Kong offers degree programs and individual courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A current listing of programs offered at SCAD Hong Kong is available at scad.edu/hongkong. SCAD students also may choose to study abroad in Hong Kong for one quarter. Interested students should discuss course options and eligibility with their staff adviser.

SCAD Hong Kong is located at 292 Tai Po Road in Sham Shui Po, in the historic former North Kowloon Magistracy Building. SCAD has adapted the historic facility to become the leading site for the study of digital media in Asia, while honoring the structure's historic and cultural significance. New features include a library and art gallery, digital labs and studios, a green screen room, classrooms and lecture halls. The entire building is updated with the most innovative technology to ensure that students are well prepared for professional careers.

Situated on the southeastern coast of China, Hong Kong has a tropical climate and is a sophisticated international gateway combining ancient heritage and Western influence. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and is one of the most densely populated countries in the world (population approximately 7 million). In addition to Cantonese, English is an official language. Classes are taught in English.

Courses of study are registered with the Hong Kong Education Bureau, registration numbers: 261958-261971 and 262196-262202. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which these courses may lead.

SCAD eLearning
SCAD offers award-winning, accredited degree programs, certificate programs and individual courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels through SCAD eLearning. Students who enroll in SCAD eLearning courses must possess adequate computer skills and have regular access to appropriate computer hardware, software and Internet connectivity in order to participate fully in coursework. Specific technology requirements for each program are available at scad.edu/elearning.

SCAD eLearning students may begin their study any quarter during the academic year. Courses are unique with regard to media usage and navigation. The online learning environment is introduced via an online orientation with information about SCAD resources and opportunities. Students have access to SCAD presentations, lectures and events through the Virtual Lecture Hall.

While course registrations adhere to the normal SCAD calendar of four 10-week quarters, SCAD eLearning classes are not held at set times. However, students are expected to complete coursework according to a schedule that stipulates due dates and asynchronous online sessions for students and professors to meet, assess and critique work or expand upon discussion board postings. Students in SCAD eLearning courses are expected to participate in all assignments, examinations and field trips or other special activities as directed by the professor. Attendance is determined by active login time and participation in required activities.

Other online services and resources include online course registration and access to the university's extensive library collections. Special online events are hosted for SCAD eLearning students concerning peer tutoring and career services. An online bookstore is available for ordering supplies, textbooks and software via MySCAD.

The digital community provides a forum where SCAD eLearning students can participate in SCAD happenings and discussion through webcasts, the student newspaper online and other digital programming outlets to offer a broad university experience.

SCAD Lacoste
SCAD Lacoste is a study abroad campus in a beautifully preserved medieval village in the South of France. SCAD Lacoste offers a unique opportunity for students and faculty to spend an entire term immersed in the culture of the region. SCAD Lacoste offers a rotating schedule of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, but does not offer full degree programs. All courses are developed and taught by SCAD faculty and are offered for academic credit under the authority and accreditation of the university.

Students must first apply and be accepted to SCAD before applying to study abroad at SCAD Lacoste or in any domestic or international short-term program SCAD offers. (See admission policies and procedures.) Students may apply their existing SCAD scholarships, fellowships, and federal and state financial aid toward the tuition and fees associated with short-term or quarter-long domestic or international study programs. Special study abroad scholarships also are available to qualified SCAD students.

Students may apply to attend SCAD Lacoste any quarter during the academic year, and should meet with their staff adviser to discuss how courses taken at SCAD Lacoste apply toward their course of study and meet degree requirements.

While situated in a centuries-old setting, SCAD Lacoste offers a variety of modern amenities, including computer labs equipped with the most recent software, well-equipped teaching studios for painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography and digital imaging, as well as dining and residence halls, a library, galleries and administrative offices. Classes are taught in English.