Graduate candidacy

At the approximate midpoint of each graduate student's course of study, the student must pass a faculty review for candidacy. In order to be reviewed, the student must have met all requirements for the program up to that point with a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the major.

In the candidacy review, faculty members assess the student's complete body of work, as well as the student's readiness to continue in the program and succeed in the field upon graduation. Reviews are structured according to the discipline and degree program, assessing evidence of knowledge of historical methodology, logical thought and original ideas, as well as aesthetic considerations. Candidates should demonstrate strong fundamental art and design skills, performance skills, teaching skills, technical proficiency, and/or strong academic and research proficiency required of the discipline and degree program. Academic performance, as demonstrated by individual course grades, also serves as an indication of a student's readiness to proceed to candidacy. Students who experience academic difficulty should consult with their department chair or graduate coordinator. Additional guidelines for the candidacy review can be found on the graduate studies website in MySCAD.


Students who do not pass the review for candidacy may request in writing through the department chair to have a second review. Any student who does not pass the second review may not be allowed to continue in the program.