Declaring a major

Incoming first-time freshmen enter SCAD as undeclared majors. First-year students have the opportunity to declare a major upon successful completion of FSYR 101, First Year Experience, but may remain undeclared through their sophomore year. While undeclared, students are required to consult with their staff adviser prior to registration each quarter. Students are encouraged to declare a major by the end of the sophomore year.

Incoming transfer students enter SCAD as declared majors based on their application for admission. Transfer credit is reviewed and awarded based upon the declared major. All declared students are assigned a faculty adviser who teaches in the major, as well as a staff adviser.

Undergraduate students who wish to declare or change a major must consult with a staff adviser. Students may change their major, add a second major, or enroll in a minor at any time during their studies. Graduate students who wish to change their program of study should consult with a graduate staff adviser. Students may declare a major or minor only through a SCAD location where that program is offered.