Course catalog of entry

Both undergraduate and graduate students are expected to follow the degree requirements of the course catalog in effect at the time of their initial enrollment at SCAD. Specific course requirements, including prerequisites, are updated in the catalog annually. Students are expected to adhere to changes to individual courses as they occur.

If the curriculum and degree requirements change during the five-year period after the student initially enrolls, the student may elect to follow the new degree requirements, but may not move to a catalog earlier than his or her catalog of entry.

If a student does not fulfill the degree requirements of the course catalog of entry within the five-year period, then he or she must follow the requirements of the catalog in effect at the end of that five-year period. Any graduate student who does not complete the program within five years must petition the department of graduate studies for continuation under the current program of study.

Students may be required to follow new degree requirements if courses required by previous programs have been eliminated from the course catalog; however, under no circumstances are students required to take any additional credit hours to earn the declared degree within five years of entry.

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