Academic advisement

Academic advisement is provided to all students to assist in the development of their educational plans and career goals and to relate these goals to academic offerings at SCAD. The role of faculty members is invaluable in the student advisement process. Faculty members are recognized as the experts in their disciplines. Students are encouraged to discuss their program of study, course content and career development each quarter with their faculty adviser. Staff advisers augment and complement the work of the faculty advisers.

First-year freshmen are assigned a staff adviser at enrollment. When students declare a major, they are also assigned a faculty adviser from their major department. Transfer students are assigned a staff adviser and faculty adviser upon enrollment. Transfer students are required to discuss their program of study with their staff adviser their first quarter of enrollment and should consult with their staff adviser at least annually thereafter.

Graduate students are assigned both faculty and staff advisers at orientation. These advisers regularly provide assistance with course selection and professional development and help guide students toward fulfillment of requirements for certificate or degree programs.

SCAD eLearning students are assigned faculty and staff advisers. SCAD eLearning staff members provide additional assistance and serve as liaisons for these students.

Students who must fulfill English as a Second Language requirements also are assigned an ESL faculty adviser.