Recognition / Dec. 13, 2012

SCAD alumni and students work on the film "Life of Pi"

Several alumni who work for Rhythm & Hues in Los Angeles, California, worked on the film "Life of Pi."

  • Mir Z. Ali (former SCAD student), visual effects technical director
  • Jeff Beeland (B.F.A., computer art, 2004), pipeline supervisor
  • Ryan Bowden (B.F.A., visual effects, 2009), visual effects technical director
  • Richard Shallcross (B.F.A., visual effects, 2010), lighting technical director
  • Matthew Nowicki DuVall (B.F.A., visual effects, 2011), visual effects artist
  • Melanie Dorn, (M.F.A., visual effects, 2008), digital compositor
  • Stephen Eisenmann (B.F.A., visual effects, 2010), lighting technical director
  • Cheri Fojtik (M.F.A., animation, 2011), texture painter
  • Drew Harrison (B.F.A., interactive design and game development, 2008), lead texture painter
  • Austin Hiser (B.F.A., computer art, 2004), lead compositor
  • John Kent Jr. (B.F.A., visual effects, 2011), visual effects
  • Michael Kessler (B.F.A., visual effects, 2007), pipeline technical director
  • Brandon Martin (B.F.A., animation, 2008), lead lighting technical director
  • Brandon Nelson (B.F.A., visual effects, 2005; M.F.A., visual effects, 2008), compositing supervisor
  • Stephen Null (B.F.A., visual effects, 2005), lead lighter
  • Hector M. Ortiz (B.F.A., film and television and visual effects, 2006), visual effects technical director
  • James Parks (B.F.A., computer art, 1999), technical animator
  • Raymond Popka (B.F.A., visual effects, 2011), junior FX technical director
  • Josh Shuman (M.F.A., visual effects, 2009), digital compositor
  • Matt Shumway (former SCAD student), animation supervisor
  • Allan Toellner (B.F.A., visual effects, 2009), lighting technical director
  • Huan Tran (B.F.A., visual effects, 2006), lead lighting technical director
  • M.F.A. visual effects student Frank John Unger, effects technical director
  • Kirsten Yamaguchi (M.F.A., animation, 2009), animator
  • Ting-Chun Yang (M.A., animation, 2012), lighting technical director

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