Recognition / April 12, 2013

Alumni work on Disney’s “Wreck-it Ralph”

Several SCAD alumni worked on Disney’s Oscar-nominated animated feature “Wreck-it Ralph:”

  • Sean Amlaner (M.F.A., visual effects, 2007), stereo layout artist for Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Jesse Erickson (B.F.A., visual effects, 2008), effects animator
  • Jack Evans (M.F.A., visual effects, 2007), lighting and compositing technical director
  • Sam Klock (B.F.A., visual effects, 2011), effects artist
  • Daniel Kruse (M.F.A., visual effects, 2007), digital lighter for Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Derek Nelson (M.F.A., visual effects, 2009), lighting artist
  • Jocelyn Cofer (B.F.A., animation, 2009), animator
  • Nathan Engelhardt (B.F.A., animation, 2007), animator
  • Zach Parrish (B.F.A., animation, 2007), supervising animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios

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