Recognition / June 11, 2014

2014 SCADemy Award winners and nominations

*Asterisk denotes winning entries

The Winrich Kolbe Memorial Award ($1,000 scholarship): Adam Nelson
The Innovation Award: Jeannette Gregor
The Community Award: Professor Andra Reeve-Rabb, Professor Michael Chaney, Professor Andy Meyer

Best Costume Design for an Undergraduate Film

  • Erzabet -  Destin Cylkowski, Jacob Warren
  • Matinee – Lori Seidler
  • The Peripheral – Katie Gast

Best Production Design for an Undergraduate Film

  • *Matinee – Addie Babcock, Austin Lackey
  • The Peripheral – Felicia Huettemann
  • Pinewood Man – Rachel Dotson
  • Sea Odyssey – Carolyn Shannon

Best Production Design for a Graduate Film

  • Giselle – Hannah “Wolfie” Sembler
  • Life In Between – Remy Godwin, Jones Levenson
  • Synesthesia – Kyle Taubken and Cory Carpenter

Best Cinematography for an Undergraduate Film

  • By My Hand – Tucker MacDonald
  • Gold Bug – Jeremy Peele
  • The Peripheral – Allie Schultz
  • Saralinah – Ben Joyner
  • Sea Odyssey – Tate McCurdy
  • *South Southwest – Ben Joyner

Best Cinematography for a Graduate Film

  • Life In Between – Sean McGaw
  • *The Neighborhood – Dwayne Green
  • Giselle – Sean McGaw

Best VFX for a Graduate or Undergraduate Film

  • The Peripheral  - Brian Oskins, Chase Hochstatter
  • Tessellate – Jose Arauz
  • Synesthesia – Eric Toth
  • *Verloren – Erin Boyle, Noah Sterling

Best Sound Design for an Undergraduate Film

  • An Appalachian Tale - Stefano Campello and Colin Lechner
  • King Simon - Sound Supervisor: Marinna Guzy
  • The Cop and the Anthem - Sound Supervisor: Cindy Takehara
  • *The Peripheral - Sound Supervisor: Lourdes Cols
  • The Trap - Sound Supervisor: Hiram Torres-Cruz

The members of her sound crew include:

  • Amanda Fuentes
  • Colin Lechner
  • Dionysius “Dee” Vlachos
  • Nicholas Lawrence
  • Jason Myers
  • Allie Reitz

The Sound Design Department wishes to give special mention for excellent sound work in the short film Project Yellow Light: Afterlife

Best Editing for an Undergraduate Film

  • All Summer in a Day – Destin Cylkowski
  • Gold Bug – Ben Lloyd, Bob Zerweck
  • *The Peripheral – Anna Swenson
  • South Southwest – Estaban Torres-Flores, Jacob Kirby, Madison Hamburg
  • Wet Towels – Solomon Petchenik

Best Editing for a Graduate Film

  • Appalachian Trail – Emily Tolan
  • The Neighborhood – Kyle Taubken
  • *That Shattered Flower – Aurelia Morales

Best Undergraduate Documentary

  • Identity – Cory Gazaille
  • I Mustache You a Question - Margaret Hibbard 
  • *Nutria – The Other White Meat – Caroline Nead

Best Graduate Documentary

  • Appalachian Trail – David Hamby
  • *The Black Elephant – Jane Barr

Best Short Screenplay for an Undergraduate Film

  • All Summer in a Day written by Kody Cunningham
  • *The Cop and The Anthem written by Franz Gatzke
  • Gold Bug written by Ben Lloyd and Chris Johnson
  • Pinewood Man written by Gage Hanlon
  • Revigor written by Chris Lohr
  • Three Manly Fears written by Lucas Pisano

Best Feature Screenplay Written by a Graduate Student

  • Shine written by Topher Cusumano and Adam Hofe
  • *Taking a Stand written by Calhoun Cornwell

Best Feature Screenplay Written by an Undergraduate Student

  • The Hollow written by Thorne Winter V
  • Landscapes of Venus written by Stefano Llinas
  • Lucy written by Shane Redding
  • *The Sycamore Players written by Adam Nelson

Best TV Pilot Written by an Undergraduate Student

  • Collide written by Aarti Chopra
  • *Doggonit written by Akil Kelly
  • Lullville written by Sara Mullins
  • The Masters written by Jeff Cotton

Best TV Pilot Written by a Graduate Student

  • Dog Won’t Hunt written by Adam Hofe
  • Knock written by Adam Hofe
  • Pictures of War written by Jeannette Gregor
  • *The War in 559 written by Calhoun Cornwell

Best Graduate Director

  • Jane Barr for The Black Elephant
  • *Kyle Taubken for The Neighborhood

Best Undergraduate Director

  • Kody Cunningham for Blue Hour
  • *Madison Hamburg for South Southwest
  • Gage Hanlon for Pinewood Man
  • Ben Lloyd for Gold Bug
  • Megan Melrose for Peripheral
  • Richard Norman for King Simon

Best Actress

  • Casey Gardner in Red, White, and Screwed
  • *Hailey Vest in Red, White, and Screwed

Best Actor

  • Deron Horton in Lions and Lambs
  • Kavin Panmeechao in Life In Between

Best Music Video or Non-Narrative Film

  • After Life – Josh Falkum, Paul Price
  • Revigor – Chris Lohr
  • *Saralinah – Jacob Kirby
  • Wild, Wild Lust – Dan Herczak

Best Undergraduate Experimental Film

  • Intoxicating Color produced by Manuel Alejandro Salas
  • Tessellate produced by Dario Ortega
  • *Verloren produced by Jennifer Hancock

Outstanding Artistic Achievement

This award goes to a student whose work is not only outstanding in and of itself, but which has expanded and inspired the work of his or her peers. This year when the jury looked at all the films, we were struck by how many films this person had worked on, and how mature and controlled his work was on each of them. This year the award goes to Ben Joyner.

Bear Brown had this to say about Ben:

  • Ben’s work shows the difference between watching the king dying and watching the candlelight in the room flicker out as the King is dying in the background.
  • Ben has a very distinct artistic voice that he puts on a film.
  • His cinematography finds a way to translate internal motives into an external form.
  • Be it a DSLR or film camera, Ben-J has the ability to render the subtext of the story.

Best Undergraduate Film

  • *Pinewood Man – produced Kayla Jane Adams, Vinny Varsalona, James Madio
  • Sea Odyssey – produced by Timothy Cella, Henry Drayton, Adam Nelson
  • South Southwest – produced by Kate Rose, Solomon Petchenik, Madison Hamburg
  • Three Manly Fears – produced by Lucas Pisano, Melanie Kettleberger

Best Graduate Film

  • Life In Between – produced by Jones Levenson, Remy Godwin
  • *The Neighborhood – produced by Steven Nyberg

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